Top Tosca Interview questions

What is Automation Testing?

Testing the application with automation tool.

What are advantages of automation testing?

  1. Testing is completes more faster
  2. Test execution is lifespan reduced
  3. Consistency and effectiveness in testing
  4. Multiple releases are expected
  5. Reusability of scripts with other similar applications
  6. Increasing the productivity
  7. Increasing the quality of application
  8. Decrease the resources
  9. Rescue Reduction
  10. Reduction in testing timelines
  11. Cost Savings and Cost awareness
  12. Increasing testing scope wide on penetration deep

Tool Feasibility or POC(Proof of concept)

       Scope of the tool, Limitation of tool, feature of tool, client budget, cost of the tool, type of testing,skilled resources,type of environment,rough estimation of team size,time and cost for the automation.

What is tosca commander?

 TOSCA commander is desktop tool. We can generate the scripts by using drag and drop option. So it is one of the tosca component

How many ways to identify the objects in tosca?

   There are 5 ways to identify the objects in tosca

  1. Identify by parent properties
  2. Identify by own properties
  3. Identify by anchor
  4. Identify by image
  5. Identify by index

how to identify the objects by using anchor?

 Identify the anchor means to identify the object uniquely by taking the reference of other object uniquely identified.

how to take screenshots for evidence?  

We can take the screenshots for either desktop or mobile applications by using Tbox take screenshots module which is available in standard modules section.

what is synchronization and how to set the synchronization settings

   Matching the application speed with automation tool speed

   These settings are available in Settings->TBOX->Synchronization

 There we can set the synchronization timeout settings which will applied globally.

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