RPA Online Course in Hyderabad

Robotic Process Automation RPA testing, you can define the inputs, expected results & outputs to check whether your automation.

One Of the Trending course in Market is RPA. Next IT career having different branches in Hyderabad, RPA Training Institute in Hyderabad.

RPA automation is enables users to create observing human, bots digital actions.
Show your bots what to do, then let them do the work.
Robotic Process Automation software bots can interact with any application the same way people do—except that RPA bots can operate around the clock,
much faster and with 100% reliability and precision

RPA Content

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Automation Anywhere
Introduction to Automation Anywhere
Robotic Process Automation
Digital Workforce Platforms
Business Process Automation
Automation Anywhere Architecture
Web Control Room and Client
Workflow designer
Types of recorder
Task properties

Lesson 2 – Variables Operations
Variables and its types
Variable Manager
Variable Operation Command
Task Editor
Practice Exercise
Lesson 3 – Commands Library
Introduction to Commands Library
Core Commands
Practice Exercise

Lesson 4 – Automation Anywhere Client
Recorder Hierarchy
Automation Friendly Formats
Best Practices & Techniques
Type of licenses
Practice Exercise
Lesson: Excel Activites
Use in application

Lesson 5 – Metabot
MetaBot Designer- An Overview
MetaBot benefits & Features
Building MetaBot
Citrix AI sense
Practice Exercise

Lesson 6 – Introduction to Web Control Room
Features and benefits
Web Control Room Dashboard
Control Room Setting
License Management

Lesson 7 – Features of WebCR
Task Schedule
Credential Vault
Workload Management (WLM)

Advanced Features of Automation Anywhere
Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about integration commands, error handling and XML automation.

Integration Command
Image Recognition
Error Handling
XML Automation
Object Cloning

Automation Anywhere Commands (Part-II)
Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to perform data manipulation, web automation and manage services using Automation Anywhere tool.

Internet Command
Application Commands
System Commands

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