Automation Tosca

  • Tosca Automation is one of the Testing Automation tool. Next IT Career having different branches in Tosca, Tosca Training in Hyderabad, Tosca Training in KPHB, Tosca Training in Bangalore

Core Concepts in Tosca Automation for all kind applications


Test Cases

Execution List

Test Case Design


Template Instances

Buffers and Partial Buffers

Dynamic Buffers


Random numbers

Random Text

Regular Expression

Scratch book and Execution list


Send keys

Text Input

Mouse Over

Pixel and Percentile & jump Methods         

Explanation of Recovery Scenarios

Tosca Advanced Concepts for WEB Applications

Recovery Scenariro

  • What is Recovery
  • How to trigger Recovery at run time

CleanUp Scenario                            

  • What is Clean up Scenario
  • Difference between Recovery and Cleanup
  • How cleanUp Scenario works

 File System Handling

  • Creation Of files
  • Finding File locations
  • Save the files in desired location help of File System handling
  • File Existance

Web Tables

  • Steering of Tables
  • Web Table Steering
  • Real time Examples on Web Tables
  • Types of tables
  • Handling tables at runtime

Execution Phase

  • Creation of Execution list
  • Creation & usage of Test Events
  • Test Mandates
  • Cross browser Operation

Mathematical Operations

  • Math
  • CALC
  • Difference between Math & CALC

Conditions & Loops

  • If Condition
  • Do
  • Do While Loop
  • Repetation


  • Basics of Basic Search
  • Basics of Advance Search

 Reusable test step blocks (RTB)

  • What is RTB?
  • Use of RTB & Creation of RTB
  • Real time examples on RTB Block
  • What is Business Parameter
  • Use & Real time Example

DB Testing

  • How to connect ODBC Driver
  • Real Time Example

TC Shell

  • Command line Operations
    • Creation of work space
    • Open Tosca through Command prompt
    • Execute test case Command Prompt
    • Take reports of command Prompt

TC String Operations

Test Data management

  • What id TDM?
  • Difference between TCD & TDM
  • Connect  to TDM & Object Editor
  • Difference between TDM & TDS
  • Use of TDS

Test case Design

  • What is TCD?
  • Creation of Framework using TCD
  • Attributes and Instants
  • Types of Instants
  • Generation of Test data Manually
  • Generation of Test data Automatically
  • Generation of Test data Excel
  • Connection between TCD to Template

Templates in Tosca

Excel Operations

  • Creation & Opening of Tosca
  • Excel operations with Real time Example
  • How to Evaluate the values

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2 months ago

Excellent training in details and strong support and assistance. Superb demonstration and detail explanation with splendid concepts. Practice exercises are excellent. All the concepts are explained as real-time scenarios which will help to learn quickly. The entire training was really enjoyable and enthusiastic i suggest NEXT IT Carrier for Testing Traning

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